Leader in food import, wholesale and distribution.

Mannor Foods Ltd is a privately held company, positioning itself to become a leader in food import, wholesale and distribution, with unrivaled access to a vast number of factories and farms in the Middle East. We import a wide range of specialty products, both as a distributor of ready for market goods from high grade suppliers, as well as an importer of raw materials, sourced from facilities meeting the highest international standards and delivered at competitive prices. Our product ranges include teas, dried fruit, nuts, exotic jams and pickles, saffron, dried pastas, sun dried tomatoes, tomato and pomegranate pastes, dried herbs, flower extracts and much more.

As well as the above, we also have our own product lines which are currently available in the UK market, and will be made available in additional regions in the near future. Furthermore, we distribute and export local and European products to different markets across Europe and the Middle East.

We are head-quartered in the United Kingdom, with branches and partnerships in Germany, UAE and Iran. We are well equipped to provide unparalleled customer support across Europe and Middle Eastern regions. We will be seeking an aggressive expansion plan across additional markets in the coming years. Our wide array of partnerships and the range of products and services delivered, enables us to penetrate many important markets, and to expand the business across various areas of the food import and resale supply chain.

Giving Back

We are also committed to meeting our social responsibility, and as such a percentage of all our sales goes towards supporting the charity Save the Children. We are also committed to reducing our environmental impact by working with our suppliers and customers to reduce unnecessary packaging, increasing palletisation efficiency and consolidating shipments to reduce transport usage. Furthermore, our offices are committed to reducing paper consumption and we have incorporated many initiatives to increase recycling and energy efficiency.


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