Fresh Iranian Date

Image result for fresh iranian dateMAZAFATI FRESH DATES This fresh date grows in Kerman area. We selected for you our best ones, naturally growned and harvested with no treatment or any addition!

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Their color is brown to black, with an extra soft. Natural soft caramel and chocolate reminder could be a description of the taste of this delicious fruit. The Mazafati is one of the most famous and best tasting varieties of dates Excellent to eat as they are, in addition of smoothies, for an original sauce salad or part of a main meal.

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They will provide you fiber, sugar and good taste for your amazing desserts… the way to enjoy these dates is beyond our imagination. ***Produced in Bam and Jiroft located in Kerman and Sistan and Balochestan of Iran. This kind is wet and its color can vary from light brown to dark brown.

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