Honey Squeezable

  • The Spanish Honey is a wonderful natural antibiotic and antiseptic also favors the defended capacity of our body.
  • The raw honeys in part maintained the properties of the plants from which they come and have a symphony of flavors characteristic that enrich the pleasure of taking honey.
  • Spanish Honey is recommended for:
  • Spanish Honey is recommended for:mielnaturalespana
    • Antibiotic Sweet: Honey is a treat for the sweet tooth that helps keep infections away. Energy sugars, vitamins, minerals, active enzymes, amino acids, organic acids, antibiotic substances
    • Soothes cough and throat
    • Relieves allergies
    • Have laxative effects and is very effective against constipation
    • It is a good antioxidant, thanks to its high content of phenolic acids and enzymes such as glucose oxidase and catalase are able to protect cells from free radicals
    • Prebiotic food, etc.


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First grade honey

Spanish product

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450g, 350g


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